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We will help you to choose or design the most suitable headstone, memorial or gravestone, using the most up to date of techniques. Our caring, expert service and workmanship are second to none and guaranteed accordingly. You will also find the prices are very reasonable. Whether your requirements are for a cemetery, church yard, crematorium, garden, a family pet or export: Please do not hesitate to ask for our advice.

Please browse our selection of premium quality granite headstones and designs which will help to assure that you have found the ideal stonemason to entrust with the important job of manufacturing the perfect and most fitting tribute to a departed loved one following a burial or cremation.

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Memorials and monuments are connected with the remembrance of loved ones. Short ceremonies held to remember loved ones are known as memorials, and they often include a prayer service. Friends and family often read out poems and pay homage to the departed at memorials.

Arranging a Service

The best gift we can give ourselves and our loved one is a memorial service that truly represents that individual and the feelings we have for them. Such a service could be held at a special location, with readings of poems written for them and music of their choice playing in the background. The memorial service should provide a loving and positive remembrance of the individual.

Choosing a Monument

Apart from standard memorials, monuments or headstones, you may wish to consider a design of your choice made by an artisan. The creation of a monument is one of the most special and respectful things you can do in memory of a loved one.

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Example of Suitable Inscriptions.

Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of a Dear Husband 
and Father 
Who fell asleep 12th March 1987 
Aged 91 years 
At Rest 

Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories of a Devoted 
Wife and Mother 
Who passed away May 2nd 1967 
Aged 65 Years 
Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten

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Example of Memorials.





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